Can we ever feel good about our necks again?

 Well that depends . . .

First we have to decide what’s bothering us about it in the first place? Then it becomes a question of how  much we’re willing to spend to fix it? (I’m not just talking money here. What about time, effort, risk tolerance? They are legitimate expenditures too.)

Let’s talk about the most basic solutions first. For the neck with only small wrinkles and perhaps some skin discoloration, some basic home remedies might be all you need. Take  a look at this great little video for help in mastering yoga facial exercises.

Sorting out wrinkled necks can be difficult. If your neck has only small wrinkles caused by sun damage, it can be helped by a chemical peel. Make sure any peel you have uses Retin A as it has been proven to improve the appearance of skin. But do not be seduced into having laser treatment for your neck as this can leave very marked pigmentation on the skin.

For moderately wrinkled necks with discoloration a series of Intense Pulsed Light Treatments might be the best solution for you.  Dr. Robert Kotler, well respected head and neck cosmetic surgeon, shares some important insights into neck rejuvenation techniques. Watch this WebMD video. Lately I have also been reading about the use the fab results from the CO2 fractional laser, for  of deep dermal skin tightening so I’ll be investigating and reporting more on those treatments in a future article.

Some patients, usually younger gals and guys, have problems with neck fat and no other aesthetic neck problems. In such cases a liposuction treatment might ressolve the issue.

Technology is scrambling to keep up in the race to develop other energy driven devices to meet that waddle neck head on. Many promises out there, but no real FDA approved solutions at present.

At the moment, for very wrinkled necks, especially where there is droop, don’t be seduced into energy driven treatments. If you really want to fix that turkey neck, surgery is probably the best solution –  either a neck lift or a neck lift combined with a face lift.

From advice on skin care of the delicate tissues of the neck, to Botox treatments, surgery and more, read this informative article from the Daily Mail.

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5 thoughts on “CAN WE EVER FEEL GOOD ABOUT OUR NECKS AGAIN? – by Lois W. Stern

  1. Great article! If you want to stay on top of your game, start with your most valuable piece of real estate. Your hands, your neck and your face. First impressions last forever!

    • Yes, hands can be a dead give-away to one’s age, as can the neck. And when you look in the mirror and see your mom staring back at you .. . you know it’s time!

  2. Lois, Nice article. During my 30 years career this has been the most confusing subject for the women that I have interviewed that are interested in facial cosmetic surgery. There are many different techniques available including non-invasive skin tightening, the life style lift and the traditional facelift. I have tried to simplify my approach in a recent blog post. I hope you find it interesting and informative. ( ). As always I enjoy your blog and all of the great information that you provide. Keep up the good work.
    Joseph Rucker M.D.

    • Thanks so much, Dr. Rucker for listening and taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate your input. Necks seem to be an area of great concern, and one that surgery doesn’t seem to have quite mastered as yet. I have read of some small studies where surgeons are reducing the size or position of the submandublar gland, but at this point I imagine it is experimental – not cutting edge. Do let me know if you an add to this discussion.
      Warm regards,

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