I Love My Gardens


* I write on many different topics across the Internet. I call them
my OFF THE BEATEN PATH articles because they extend beyond the
typical concept of beauty. Some explore my thoughts on inner beauty,
some tell inspirational stories of people whose deeds have brought
more beauty to the lives of virtual strangers, and some will be
little more than vignettes of personal experiences that have helped
me find peace and harmony in my life.
My topic for today: I Love My Gardens - But Sometimes My Gardens Don't Love Me not only takes you on a photo journey where I pose amongst my flowers, but explores some of the myths and facts about that dreaded poison ivy plant, which seems to find me every year.

Poison Ivy Summer View  

                                                      Poison Ivy  – Autumn View

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4 thoughts on “I Love My Gardens

  1. Lois, your home is beautiful! (I’m sure there’s a more perfect word) Hi-it’s me. What a lovely place! I’m gushing… Sonny gets poison ivy every year.All he needs is a breeze to carry it to him. When I lived in the city my brother managed to get it,also every year, without a blade of grass,a plant or flower around. My other sibling, however would eat it if he found it, and NOTHING happened. A lovely piece and thanks for a memory. I will E-M you, hugs

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