A Mayo Clinic Study on Facelifts and Longevity

Because of my own experience with cosmetic surgery, as well as those of the many women I interviewed while writing my manuscript,  I was aware that many women respond post-surgery with a renewed focus on good health.  Thus I wasn’t surprised to read the results of this study, conducted at the esteemed Mayo Clinic . 1

In this study the Mayo Clinic tracked two hundred and fifty female patients who had facelifts at an average age of 60.4 years. At the time of follow-up over twenty years later, sixty-six percent of these women were still alive, at an average age of eighty-four years. By statistical comparison, the facelift patients had a life expectancy more than ten years greater than that of the general female population.

This study does not claim to prove a cause-effect relationship between facelifts and longevity. But it does support findings from two other studies that suggest that cosmetic surgery patients are strongly dedicated to health and fitness.  As Mark Jewell, MD, past President of the Board of Directors of the prestigious ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) explains: “. . . patients who have a facelift generally have a greater-than-average commitment to maintaining their overall health and fitness. This can easily translate into living longer.”

1. Smith L. and Finical S. “Facelift: does looking younger help you live longer?” Mayo Clinic Study. (July 9, 2001).

Well, don’t run out and get a facelift hoping it will extend your life! But does it give you encouragement or pause for reflection?

Have a beautiful life!


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