Why We Need to Care


I am a very careful shopper – some might even call me over-the-edge frugal. I’m thrilled when I find a bargain at Marshall’s, rarely enter Macy’s without coupons in hand, make frequent trips to Costco to stock up on staples . . You get the picture. Yet I am one of the fortunate ones and do not take my circumstances foregranted, because I don’t have to live that lifestyle – it is a choice, not something imposed by circumstance.


Some time ago I posted an article on Vibrant Nation  about the significance of Shoppping USA. I realize full well that some will shop by price alone no matter what – and some truly need to do so. But for those of us who can become a bit more conscious of where things are made and SHOP USA even when the price is a trifle more, here is something worth considering. It’s called balance of trade.

Not only would we be helping to increased the local job force, but perhaps of more significance, we would be helping to increase the value of our dollar. IHere is a simple analogy of how balance of trade works. “You go into Macy’s and make a purchase using either your credit card or cash. You become a bit poorer as you enrich Macy’s coffers.” It works the same when we purchase those “Made in China” or “Made in Mexicao” products.

Just one thought on how we can help create a more beautiful life for our country. 

Travel with Lois, Off the Beaten Path.

* I write on many different topics across the Internet. I call them
my OFF THE BEATEN PATH articles because they extend beyond the
typical concept of beauty. Some explore my thoughts on inner beauty,
some tell inspirational stories of people whose deeds have brought
more beauty to the lives of virtual strangers, and some will be
little more than vignettes of personal experiences that have helped
me find peace and harmony in my life.




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