What I Learned From Dr. Neil Schultz – Part 2

Here’s the first part of the good news: Allergan explains that Latisse, a topical cosmetic product for eyelash growth, does not darken eye color when used as directed. The product actually does what it promises: gives you longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes. But some people, including yours truly, haven’t used it because of reports that it may darken their eye color. Allergan explains that a darkened eye color occurred when people used Bimatoprost eye drops (also sold by Allergan, but under the trade name Lumigan) directly into the eye to treat glaucoma, not when Latisse was properly used on the eyelid skin for eyelash growth.

So all you blue eyed gals, take heart. Use as directed and you’ll keep that twinkle in your blue eyes.

As if that’s not enough good news, tune in for more in my next blog: What I Learned From Dr. Neil Schultz – Part 3

Keep those bright eyes shining!

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