What I Have Learned From Latisse Users ~

Tips Worth Noting 

Apply Latisse with a fine tip eyeliner brush instead of the thicker brush that comes with the product.

Fine Tip Applicator

        Latisse Applicator    


Four good reasons why:

Thicker brushes tend to apply more product than necessary.

Less is more. An overapplication of Latisse  can result in some of the product getting into your eyes.

Better application control keeps the product where it belongs, on the base of your eyelid,  eliminating the concern about changing blue eyes to brown.

By avoiding waste, your product will last longer.For the budget minded, ask your doctor to write a three month script  rather than refilling monthly.

How to cleanse your applicator:

After each use, simply immerse the tip of your applicator brush in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and let it soak for 10 minutes or more. A clean, empty pill vial – the kind that the pharmacist  uses when filling a prescription medication – works nicely. Why?  It is so narrow that you can immerse the entire bristle head of your applicator using a small amount of peroxide. After soaking your brush, rinse with cool water and allow to air dry. Do NOT pour the used hydrogen peroxide solution back into the bottle. It is important to keep your fresh supply of cleansing solution pristine, so pour the used solution down the drain.

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5 thoughts on “LATISSE NEWS FLASH

  1. Thanks for this tips. I’ve been using the brush that comes with the treatment, but I will follow your advice. Dr. Jerome Edelstein told me about Latisse and I’m pretty sure that I will have my desired results… I’ve read lots of good things about it.

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