I was interviewed on The Author Show where I speak about my personal experience with Plastic Surgery and the book I wrote after that event. Typical of me and my kind of “Open Book personality”, it’s a pretty candid interview. I explain that the word S-E-X in my title didn’t happen by accident. I even named the very first chapter in Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery: ‘Cosmetic Surgery – The Aphrodisiac Effect’. I hold back nothing – talking about personal emotional undercurrents including sexuality, embarrassment and the part that was hardest for me to deal with – an almost magnetic attraction toward my plastic surgeon (known in psychological terms as transference). I share insights I gained through the over 100 women I interviewed for this book and the interviewer, Don McCauley wants to know if I found that their experiences were similar to mine.

Some of the questions Don posed that we discussed:

Why did you feel a need to write this book?

Why did you devote two full chapters to the issue of transference?

How did you get so many women to agree to be interviewed?

How did you get them to share so many intimate details about themselves?

What kind of feedback did you get after this book was published?

Want to listen to this interview? It will be live here for a short time for the curious!


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