Health Officials Alarmed Over Silicone Injections for Fuller Buttocks

Baltimore exotic dancer are among the women getting sick from illegal cosmetic procedures.

Some women who want rounder, fuller buttocks are turning to a dangerous cosmetic procedure: illegal injections of silicone offered by people who lack medical training and may buy their supplies in home improvement stores.

The trend — which has already sent one exotic dancer from Baltimore’s Block to the hospital with silicone in her lungs — has alarmed public health officials and plastic surgeons, who say the injections can maim or kill recipients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other agencies have been investigating the incident in Baltimore and others across the country. Learn more about safe and hazardous buttock enhancement procedures.

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The most common causes of death immediately following a silicone injection are from an immune response which causes the lungs to fill with fluid, or from a pulmonary embolism. Imagine literally drowning in mucus and silicone filling your lungs. Not a great way to go.Both an immune response and an embolism can cause rapid and certain death unless immediate emergency medical attention is sought at the first sign of itchiness, dizziness or difficulty breathing. One way to reduce risk is to do tiny amounts in several sessions, rather than huge amounts, especially on the first session.

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