PERMANENT MAKEUP FOLLOW UP – Learning From My Fellow Bloggers

Part of the beauty of social networking is learning from fellow readers, isn’t it! And learn I did when a gal by the name of Jasmine Aubert from the LinkedIn Skin Care ~ The Facts, Myths & Finds group responded to my article:  What’s That? No more eyebrow pencil, eye liners or lip liners!

She wanted to point out some of the problems with permanent makeup starting with the need to find a technician who is artistic enough to understand each individual’s facial bone and muscle structures to design appropriate lines to compliment that person’s facial structure.

Secondly she pointed out that tattoo pigments fade to a blueish tone over time and that reworking these lines might be a problem. This is because the lines can be enlarged, but  cannot be made smaller.

Thirdly, because over time aging skin tends to respond to forces of gravity, the placement of the permanent makeup might no longer be placed exactly where it belongs.

So perhaps pencils and liners won’t be disappearing any time soon, after all!

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