I get occasional flack from my readers and fellow bloggers for my positive views on Cosmetic Surgery for the right person, when done at the right time, with the right surgeon, for the right reasons. I know there are a lot of “rights” there. But when all those ducks are in a row, here is one huge positive issue often overlooked.

As we all know, body image, which is intimately linked to appearance, can make a huge difference in the way we feel about ourselves. As I interviewed women (over 100 of them for my book on women and cosmetic surgery), their stories confirmed how deeply body image can be embedded into our psyche and how powerfully it impacts our lives.

But what fascinated me even more was the results of a Mayo Clinic study, where they tracked two hundred and fifty women who had had facelifts twenty years earlier. They discovered that by statistical comparison, the facelift patients had lived ten years longer than the general female population.

Does this study claim a cause-effect relationship between facelifts and longevity? Certainly not! But it does suggest that cosmetic surgery patients are likely to be strongly dedicated to health and fitness, which can easily translate to living longer. After all is said and done, the last laugh might be heaped upon those who have no interest in outer beauty and little patience for those who do!

Want to know what really makes me bristle? Read my article about the $25,000 Nip, Tuck and Lift Sweepstakes, sponsored by Trump Taj Mahal. Speaking of giving Cosmetic Surgery a bad name!

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