Ugur Acar suffered serious burns to his face in a house fire when he was just 40 days old.  This year at age 19 this Turkish youth received a face transplant. He recently celebrated his one month anniversary of that procedure in a most unusual way – with a shave!

Mr. Acar received the transplanted facial tissue of a 45-year-old donor, with surgeons at Akdeniz University School of Medicine in Antalya performing the successful operation. Ugur Acar is that nation’s first facial transplant recipient. This is the 20th facial transplant operation world wide.

In February, Mr. Acar celebrated the one-month anniversary of his transplant procedure by having the hospital staff shave his new face. For the first month following the procedure he had to let his facial hair grow in to avoid irritating the transplanted skin.

This transplant surgery was the 20th such operation in the world, according to news reports. Istanbul’s Today’s Zaman has since reported that surgeons there have performed a second full face transplant.

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  1. Thanks, Chris for taking the time to respond. I was pretty much blown away by this story myself. It makes me realize that there are fine doctors and good medicine practiced all over the world – not just in the USA.


    • Joy, I’m sure you are right. Maybe his life is just beginning! So glad you took the itime to read and respons.
      Very best,

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