WEB MD has a great little slideshow identifying 18 beauty questions people might not like to ‘fess up to, with possible solutions.

So if you have unwanted hair between your eyebrows,

they offer obvious solutions such as tweezing, but some energy driven methods as well.

Here are a few more of those embarrassing concerns addressed in this slideshow:

Cellulite (dimpled skin) – more common in women than men,

wrinkled necks,

red skin patches,

smelly feet,

bad breath,

skin tags,

and more.

So you thought you were the only one?

Watch this slideshow to identify  more of those embarrassing beauty questions and get a few

 suggestions of ways to resolve them.

Now it’s confession time. What is your most embarrassing beauty question?


Beauty Within

                Beauty Without . . .

                               What’s Your Passion?

Click to Explore the Many Dimensions of Beauty 


    • Well , that’s good. If you didn’t know what some of them were, then they are not trouble for you.
      Is your name Rensy? Wasn’t sure how to address you. Hope you can pass the word about this blog. People have to Fried me first at my Facebook Lois W. Stern page before I can put them in a group. I don’t really understand these Facebook rules. That’s just what they told me at the Apple store.


    • Hi Karen,

      What is life without a daily giggle!
      I just learned about forming Facebook groups. Now I can talk to more than the wind when I post my blogs!

      Do pass the word so we can all work together.

  1. Thanks, Hook. You know I am a fan of yours as well.

    Maybe we can work to spread around the good news on both our blogs. they are so very different, but each deserve a wide audience.

    Warm regards,
    Lois W. Stern

    • Thanks for joining in, James. Appreciate you adding your point of view. I guess everyone has their own set of embarrassing issues. Hope this article helps many to feel they are not alone.


  2. Hi Dutchess, I just love your energy! I am wondering if derma rolling can help with white spots I have from using Azelex cream for acne? Thanks in Advance, Terry

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