We tend to lose fat (also known as facial volume) in our faces as we age. A quick glance at the beginning of my book trailer will confirm how dramatically loss of facial volume contributes to an aging appearance.

What are our options?

Live with it and enjoy the many other pleasures in life.

Change our make-up and beauty products.

Get a bit more proactive and go for some soft tissue filler injections.

If the last option is for you, be sure to consult with a board certified  dermatologist or cosmetic plastic surgeon. This is your face. Respect it!

What soft tissue fillers can do for you:

Soft tissue fillers can help achieve a younger, more rested appearance by restoring facial volume lost during aging. Typically treated areas include deepened nasolabial folds, jowls, marionette lines, cheek flattening or hollowing, tear troughs, vertical lines between the eyebrows and chin contouring.

Describing the treatments

Filler treatments are performed during a brief office visit, typically taking about fifteen minutes. The area to be treated is first numbed with an injected anesthetic block, a topical anesthetic gel, cold air or a combination of these numbing agents. Afterward, mild swelling and redness is usually seen for a day or two. Bruising is possible but may not occur at all. Recovery time is minimal.

The skills of the injector

The injector must have the aesthetic sensibilities to know which features should be corrected, which filler to choose for that correction and how much to inject. The injector also must have the manual skills to be very precise and exacting. Otherwise the desired result will not be produced.

That is why you need to select a physician with not just the proper training and skills, but the experience as well. Select someone who injects fillers frequently. Training, skill and experience are all requisite to a good result.

Different types of fillers

There are a growing number of FDA approved fillers on the market. For each class of material, several fillers usually are available, but might vary in stiffness, thickness or durability. Fillers have each found particular applications where they work best, although their effectiveness will vary somewhat from provider to provider. To learn more about specific fillers and how much improvement you can expect, I have written a more detailed article. Read it now: 

To see patients receiving filler treatments watch this video.

And finally, here’s an important precautionary  article for you to read: Avoid Dr. Jiffy Lube – Write Your Own Cosmetic Surgery Success Story 

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