PLASTIC SURGERY and TISSU GLU – A Winning Combination?

After a plastic surgery procedure, drainage tubes have long been one of medicine’s necessary evils. Why? Surgery disturbs tissues that need to be securely reattached before the surgical site is stapled or sewn shut. Without strong adhesion, fluid will accumulate in wound spaces. Additionally, surgery produces swelling, which in turn produces fluid in the tissue vacuum. Drainage tubes have routinely been used to remove unwanted fluid.

Getting rid of those post surgery drainage tubes could be a big deal for the patient. Although they serve a useful purpose, tubes are uncomfortable and inconvenient. At times they become infected, clog or leak. Many days post surgery, after the drainage tubes are finally removed, additional fluid build-up (known as a seroma) can cause more swelling to occur.

Enter TissuGlu Surgical Adhesive

TissuGlu is an adhesive developed for plastic surgery procedures that holds the layers of tissue in place, preventing fluid accumulation and reducing swelling. Composed of biocompatible materials that perform ideally in a moist environment, the material gradually breaks down and is assimilated back into the body. Although other commercially available products have been used in soft-tissue surgical procedures, TissuGlu’s magic lies in the unrivaled strength of its adhesive bond.

Are there down sides to this surgical adhesive? Additional costs? Ease or difficulty of application? Other complications? I would like plastic surgeons experienced with its use to weigh in on this topic.

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