Let’s face it. If you had an opportunity to improve something about your face or body simply by waving a magic wand, wouldn’t you grab at the chance?

Listen to an enlightening interview with Lois on the Authors Show to learn a few tips on ways to enhance your beauty without the knife 

Tick Tock, Stop the Clock ~ Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour is filled with sage advice on lunch hour procedures from some of the best-of-the-best nationally renowned experts and outstanding practitioners in their fields.

Lois has written and posted many informative articles on topics of interest to those seeking non-invasive beauty treatments at this website. Click to visit.

Beauty Within

                Beauty Without . . .

                               What’s Your Passion?

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  1. Thanks Lois for your nice and informative post on Beautification procedure which is a best alternative of plastic Surgery. Since there are some adverse effect in Plastic Surgery, we should avoid with different options by choosing best alternatives that is getting the treatment from Plastic Surgery Hospital or getting the option of Dr. Lois. However, will help you in this regard.

    • Hi Dr. Josh and thanks for your comment. Yes, there are many options to beautification these days, and as you say, many are non-invasive or minimally invasive. But of course there are some things that only surgery can fix, such s a bump in the nose or a waddle neck for example. Cosmetic Surgery is still the best option for many people and situations, but done with caution. I repeat my mantra ofter: DO YOUR HOMEWORK. There are many uncertified or poorly trained people out there ready to take your money. Check credentials, check reputation, check experience. And that’s just for starters.

      Fo those ho are interested in learning more, you are welcome to contact me or visit:

      Live in beauty.

      Lois W. Stern

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