After receiving several questions about costs involved in Madonna Lift laser CO2 Fractional laser treatments, I asked Michelle Martel, The Duchess of Dermis to weigh in on this topic. She tells me she has been dedicating much of her time to researching the fair market value of these services so that patients get quality treatments and doctors don’t have laser equipment sitting around unused, collecting dust. They are beginning to take note and listen.

I have done the pricing on the C02 all over the country and here are your averages: I have also included the fair price for both doctor and patient based on the cost of the laser, return on investment and if they are doing a good amount of treatments.

Eyes only Madonna Lift…800-1,000 per treatment min 3 treatments

(500-600 would be great price for patient and Doc)

Face only…2,500-6,000      

Average price is 3,000

Excellent price for service would be 1,800.00 –

(2,500 is good for patient and Doc.)

If done correctly only one treatment a year is needed.

Neck only…800-1,000 per treatment and usually 3 treatments are needed.

Excellent results noticeable after the 2nd treatment.

(600 per treatment is good for patient and doctor)

If the technician uses low settings, then the price should be lower because the patient will need 2 to 3 treatments instead of one. 

Thank you, Michelle for opening our eyes (literally and figuratively)!

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