There is a Solution for Most Every Skin Problem
You Just Need to Find It.

Grace’s Story

Every day when I look in my magnifying make-up mirror, I cringe at what I see: enlarged pores, blackheads, wrinkles, and brown spots. While my skin has become less oily, it seems that I have traded some of my blemishes for wrinkles. I have tried what seems like every product on the market with no success. My pores are still enlarged, I am shiny by 10:00 AM and I still have breakouts. I thought my skin would get better as I aged, but that didn’t happen. I have even begun to see wrinkles and brown spots added to the mix. I guess the only positive thing I can say for my skin is that it is not sensitive.

Luckily, I sought out a cosmetic dermatologist to help me deal with my skin problems, who worked along with a fantastic esthetician. Together they explained that although there were no quick fixes, they could help me considerably if I would consistently follow a skin care routine that they would create for me. With their support, I was eager to begin.


Grace’s Skin Problems

  • oily skin
  • enlarged pores
  • blackheads
  • breakouts
  • age related fine lines
  • uneven skin tone

Problem #1
Blemishes and dark spots:

Treatment plan for this problem
Since her skin was not sensitive, Grace’s dermatologist urged her to go for it – the powerful prescription medications and medical procedures that would really make a difference in helping her accomplish her skin care goals. She was directed to use a cleanser containing a combination of glycolic and salicylic acids twice a day, explaining that the synergistic combination of ingredients would help rid her skin of bacteria that could cause breakouts. She also was advised to apply a nightly dose of Retin-A to not only help alleviate her troublesome breakouts, but also to treat Grace’s early wrinkles by exfoliating her skin and stimulating new collagen. In addition, the doctor ordered a prescription strength hydroquinone serum to lighten her dark spots.

Problem # 2
Oily Skin and Wrinkles

Treatment plan for this problem
To help Grace deal with her excess oil that troubled her throughout the day, her dermatologist gave her a sample of oil absorbing tissue blotters to try. He prescribed an oil free anti-oxidant serum that contained vitamins, peptides, green tea and Resveratrol (a substance found in the skins of red grapes), to help treat her wrinkles and anti-aging concerns. He also stressed the importance of using an oil free sunscreen with an SPF-30, explaining that this step is the most effective way to prevent premature aging as well as future pigmentation problems. He cautioned her that the combination of Retin-A and prescription strength hydroquinone would make her skin more sun sensitive, so she had to be diligent in her use of sunscreen. He further recommended that she use mineral make-up with an SPF-20 in place of a liquid foundation to give her an oil free advantage, excellent coverage for blemishes and dark spots, and sun protection.

The home care routine that was designed for Grace was part of an overall treatment plan that also included monthly deep cleansing facials and chemicals peels that alternated between glycolic and salicylic acids. Her dermatologist recommended these peels every other week for the first three months, then once a month for the next six months. Chemicals peels were scheduled two weeks after the deep cleansing facials. At the end of this six month period, they would evaluate Grace’s progress and modify her skin care regime as necessary.


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