Dr. Joseph Rucker recently posted an interesting article about causes and cures for dark undereye circles,  explaining the multiple factors that can be responsible, including  heredity, hormone levels, sun exposure, stress, aging, a lack of sleep, and allergies. However, contrary to what you may think, dark circles cannot be remedied by  skin lighteners because the darkness is not caused by skin discoloration, but rather a shadowing of the skin.

To minimize the appearance of darkness around the eyes, he suggest the following methods:

  1. Using powerful peptides such as Enza Essential’s Eyebright Eye Gelee will cool and sooth the appearance of puffy bags while increasing cell turnover, leaving you with a more youthful, brighter appearance.
  2. Dermal fillers can be used in order to plump the area around and under your eyes which reduces the intensity of shadowing.
  3. Wearing sunscreen, particularly an SPF 30 or greater, will help to minimize unprotected sun exposure and the effects of aging from the sun.
  4. Applying ice or cucumbers directly on the dark circles at nighttime will soothe and minimize the dark circles caused by puffiness.
  5. Lastly, Dr. Rucker suggests certain energy driven radiofrequency treatments to the dermal tissue  to help tighten and brighten your face while also increasing collagen production that will work against the skin’s natural aging process.

His advice: “Although there is no way to completely prevent dark circles from appearing, there are multiple ways to reduce the shadowing.”

Read his full article.

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    • Dr. Raghavendra, please consult with the doctors who wrote this article. I am a reporter/journalist, not a physician so I am unable to give you medical advice.

  1. I find it helpful to divide the condition into 4 categories. 1. minimal: younger age group, usually seasonal, most common cause allergies or hereditary factors. Dark circle only involves the inner aspect of the lower lid. 2. moderate:35 -45 age group. slight bulge of lower eyelid fat pat with dark circle extending the full lenght of the lid 3. Advanced: 50 to 70 age group. significant fat pad protrusion with extensive skin laxity. The treatment approach is different for each category.

  2. The treatment options for the above categories are: 1.Mininal: Topicals, antihistamines (conservative) 2. Moderate: Topicals, profractional laser, radiofrequency skin tightening 3. Advanced: Surgical: with a light laser resurfacing to slightly tighten the skin.

    • Yes, Valerie, the cucumber is one of several quick beauty fixes we can find in our kitchen or our neighborhood grocery store. Hope you will stop in here often and give more beauty tips.

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