As women age, their friendly mirror often morphs into an unfriendly encounter. Remember the daily ritual of the wicked stepmother in the Snow White fairy tale? Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? In the fairy tale version, the reality of her aging face drives one woman to the extreme of ordering the slaying of her competition – her beautiful, young step daughter.

Although few are so distraught over their aging appearance that they are driven to kill off the competition, the mirror often becomes a woman’s weapon of self-destruction as she ages. Here’s a common scenario. After many years of preening before her reflection, she awakens one morning to a startling reality. That image staring back at her looks so much more like her mother than her former self. Plastic surgery to the rescue.

Today the mirror takes a back seat to modern technology.


Photoshopped faces set a new standard in beauty, making the flaws in non-image edited faces all the more self-evident. Now Facebook, video-chatting tools like Skype and FaceTime, iPhones and iPads are fueling the plastic surgery market. This new, social-media-derived vanity is driving plastic surgeons to cater to the technologically savvy consumer. Be prepared for a whole new jargon of minimally invasive procedure terms designed to make people appear more attractive during FaceTime conversations.

Are they long term improvements or simply quick fixes? Would some of the plastic surgeons out there weigh in on this conversation?

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Lois W. Stern


    • Very true, Cleora. We live in a world focused on physical beauty, but we need to also keep inner beauty thoughts and stories in our minds as well. We need the both, don’t you think? You might be interested in my Facebook PAGE at: where I share both sides to beauty. You are welcome to LIKE it and join in the conversation there, but I keep it commercial free.
      Hope to welcome you there.

  1. What a pretty women!People usually says…But most of their beauty secrets lies behind a cosmetic surgery. If the youth runs behind such surgeries it is truly because of the influence of the society it lives in.

    • Yes, Maggie, we all want to look pretty and youthful, no matter the age. But not everyone ants to go under the knife to achieve their look. And there is more to life than just a pretty face.

  2. Biggest concern of most of the girls is their beauty. Once they any marks or circles, they will start to hunt the ways to hide them. The same situation is happening for the girls especially teenagers who undergo cosmetic surgery. But it is advised not to do any surgery for those girls who are below 18. But those middle aged women after surgery looks 7 years younger. So best of luck for those who are going to do Facial surgery. Thanks to Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic at Toronto for making my surgery a success.

    • So glad you have a success story to share, Jane! I do believe that undergoing cosmetic surgery for the right reasons, at the right time, with the right surgeon can be an absolute gift. But as my mom always said: “Everything in moderation.”

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