When I speak to women who are considering some form of cosmetic surgery, they often ask me questions they don’t feel comfortable asking their plastic surgeons. Sometimes they don’t even realize these questions are buried deep inside of them. If I sense hesitancy, I advise them to think through this question first:

Is there anything about my life that I am hoping would change as a result of cosmetic surgery?

I have learned how important it is for prospective patients to answer that question honestly before making the decision to undergo any form of cosmetic surgery. Some expectations are reasonable. Others realistically cannot be achieved. But when all is said and done, cosmetic surgery can be an emotional experience for many of us. Here are 12 interesting questions women have asked me,


Click above to see how many of those questions you would like to ask yourself?

Please note that I am an author and journalist (not an M.D.), who writes about cosmetic surgery in addition to many inner beauty subjects.

              Lois W. Stern


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