Some surgeons offer free consultations, but they most often are quick meetings rather than in-depth and personal discussions. (I went on one of those myself and it was a valuable lesson for me! I quickly determined that he was NOT a surgeon I wanted to work with). The experience helped me hone in on what I was really looking for in a surgeon. So it was time well spent.

What should you expect from an in-depth personal consultation?


The patient’s Side of the Street: You need to communicate your goals, your wants and want-nots. Many perspective cosmetic surgery patients express a similar thought: “I don’t want to look like I have had surgery. I just want to look refreshed.” Some even bring in photos of themselves at a younger age, to help the surgeon envision the look you would look to recapture. But don’t bring in a photo of Julia Roberts and ask to look just like her! You won’t!

The surgeon’s side of the street: The surgeon will first want to determine if you are a suitable candidate for elective aesthetic surgery, so you will be  asked about your medical history. Be honest. Don’t hold back anything. While the vast majority of people are healthy enough to safely undergo elective surgery, some conditions do advise against it. So tell all. As much as you might have your heart and mind set on having these procedure(s), you don’t want to become a  statistic.

Next step in the consultation is for the doctor to listen to your goals, communicate with you about what outcomes you can reasonably expect, and develop an appropriate surgical plan. You will also have the opportunity to look at a range of before and after photos of patients who have undergone the same procedures. Be sure these are this surgeon’s patients, not photos taken by others.

Before your consultation ends, whip out that list of questions you have prepared in advance. Now is your opportunity to ask the ones still unanswered.

By the time you leave this office, you will have a pretty good idea of whether or not you feel completely comfortable placing your face or body in the hands of this surgeon to perform the procedure you desire.

Want to know the twelve questions women often think about but are too embarrassed to ask their plastic surgeons? Click here.




  2. Between men and women, the latter has always been more conscious of their figure both because of health consciousness and/or to look good. Whatever the reasons are it is really good to know that there are options and a safe choice to do it fast.Coolsculpting technology could be the best news for people who want to look good but are afraid of needles and other invasive techniques. I want to know more about this procedure that can be customized and make the result a lot better. I’ve also come across this site and I think they have a good stuff there as well

    • So sorry, Cheryl, don’t know why that happened but just got notice of your comment, above. CoolSculpting and Zeltique have gotten one decent results and are an option for many. But people need to know in advance that the results will not be comparable to Smart Lipo. the trade off, of course is that Smart Lipo is more invasive. So many other considerations here as on’s health, body contours and desires.

    • You are So right, Ashley, the key to a successful cosmetic surgery lies in the hands of the surgeon, and all too often people don’t do their research. As I often have said in the past, you can take back the makeup that disappoints, but you can’t take your surgery or your life back!

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