After receiving several questions about costs involved in Madonna Lift laser CO2 Fractional laser treatments, I asked Michelle Martel, The Duchess of Dermis to weigh in on this topic. She tells me she has been dedicating much of her time to researching the fair market value of these services so that patients get quality treatments and doctors don’t have laser equipment sitting around unused, collecting dust. They are beginning to take note and listen.

I have done the pricing on the C02 all over the country and here are your averages: I have also included the fair price for both doctor and patient based on the cost of the laser, return on investment and if they are doing a good amount of treatments.

Eyes only Madonna Lift…800-1,000 per treatment min 3 treatments

(500-600 would be great price for patient and Doc)

Face only…2,500-6,000      

Average price is 3,000

Excellent price for service would be 1,800.00 –

(2,500 is good for patient and Doc.)

If done correctly only one treatment a year is needed.

Neck only…800-1,000 per treatment and usually 3 treatments are needed.

Excellent results noticeable after the 2nd treatment.

(600 per treatment is good for patient and doctor)

If the technician uses low settings, then the price should be lower because the patient will need 2 to 3 treatments instead of one. 

Thank you, Michelle for opening our eyes (literally and figuratively)!

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Lois W. Stern


I recently received this question from a Facebook Fan:  What can I do for my puffy eyes?

She explained that there was a recent death in her family. She had been crying nonstop and it had reeked havoc on her eyes.  I knew all about cold water compresses and cucumbers slices, but turned to that wonderful Duchess of Dermis for some professional advice. Here is what this miracle gal, Michelle Martel, had to say on the topic:

Cold Compresses (This is one of the best ways, it will create vasoconstriction of the vessels)

Applying something cold to the eye area can help constrict the vessels and reduce the swelling. It also is a good way to inhibit inflammation and take care of the redness. Splashing cold water onto your face probably is the easiest way to cool down the eye area, but you also could apply cold compresses. Cucumber slices, cold teabags, or a tea towel wrapped around a bag of frozen peas could do the trick. You also could place a face cloth in ice water, wring out the excess water, and apply the cloth to your eyes (This is one of my favorite ways and I use cloth diapers.) The trick is to replace whatever you’re using once it gets too warm, so be sure to keep enough cucumber slices, teabags, or a bowl of ice water handy.

Sleep It Off

This is one of the best ways to ensure you get rid of puffy eyes after crying. It’s best to sleep with your head elevated so that fluid can’t accumulate around the eyes. A good night’s rest will not only leave you refreshed but also help give the sensitive eye area time to rest and rejuvenate.

So to recap the 3 most important things to do:

1. Cold compress (not too cold) and to replace them before it gets to warm.

2. Get sleep and sleep with your head elevated (very important to sleep with your head elevated so the fluids don’t drain

    around them and in them)

3. Try not to rub them to much so you do not stretch the skin, blot the tears, do not rub them.

The above  solutions are great for temporary puffiness, but will do little to improve your appearance if you  have  excess eyelid skin or  fat. In extreme cases, puffy or drooping eyelids can even partially obscure your vision. Cosmetic eyelid surgery — known as blepharoplasty — can correct these issues and give your whole face a refreshed appearance.

I’ll explore surgical options in a future posting, so stay tuned.

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What I Learned from The DUCHESS of DERMIS – LATISSE TIPS

Attention Latisse Users ~ Tips Worth Noting

Who is this Duchess of Dermis? You will hear me speak of her often. Simply told, she is a  skin expert  par excellance. My ear is constantly tuned to her sage advice!  I will share whatever I learn from her on this FabulousBeautyBlog.

What are her tips for Latisse Users?

Apply Latisse with a fine tip eyeliner brush instead of the thicker brush that comes with the product.Fine Tip Applicator

Latisse Applicator

Four Good Reasons Why

Thicker brushes tend to apply more product than necessary.

Less is more. An overapplication of Latisse can result in some of the product getting into your eyes.

Better application control keeps the product where it belongs, on the base of your eyelid, eliminating the concern about changing blue eyes to brown.

By avoiding waste, your product will last longer.For the budget minded, ask your doctor to write a three month script rather than refilling monthly.

Cautions on Cleaning and Caring for Your Applicator

Don’t  soak the brush –  just do a quick dip in hydrogen peroxide and then run your brush under cold water.  Do Not leave the tip face down in any container as it will bend the bristles making the brush useless. I would not even clean it every time,  just once in a while and use it only on your eyes. No sharing with friends on this one, not even just to  show them.

An Alternate View

To compare the Duchess’  directions for applying Latisse with the traditional  application recommendations, watch this video. Then you tell me: Which directions make more sense to you?

Here’s to beautiful eyes!

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