For most women, hair is an expression of style and personality. But it is also closely intertwined with self-image. We all have an occasional “bad hair day”, and that hardly boosts our spirits, but imagine how distressing hair loss can be when facing the mirror each morning.

Web MD addresses some of the triggers, treatments and solution to hair loss in this informative slide show.

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Sherrie Wilkolaski just posted a great interview with me on the Infinity website. This one is filled with lots of confidential information – not the usual chit chat. Even if you aren’t the least bit interested in cosmetic surgery for yourself, you are likely to find these questions and answers   riveting, entertaining and informative.

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Lois W. Stern


After former child model, Nicolette twice sustained a broken nose, she was constantly teased by peers on Facebook and in school. At the tender age of thirteen, Nicolette underwent cosmetic surgery to repair and refine her nose. Cosmetic surgery at such a young age brings forth many questions. Physically, is the child’s bone structure mature enough to be permanently altered? Instead of undergoing surgery, could a child be taught how to deal with bullying? Wouldn’t confronting a problem strengthen character and ultimately help a child learn how to cope with distressing situations later in life? Possibly yes, and possibly no.

Eleven-year-old Arianna Adan tis another child who fought bullying with plastic surgery. After constantly being teased about her ears, Arianna became withdrawn and depressed. One day she resorted to trying to tack her ears back with a stapler. Although she admits that the surgery was painful, it was well worth it because she felt more beautiful afterwards.

Bullying is nothing new, but with the surge of social media, it has become rampart, forcing some teenagers into ultimate acts of desperation. According to, in 2010 one in seven children grades kindergarten through 12th was a bully or a victim of one.

If Nicolette or Arianna was your daughter, how do you think you would have helped them confront their problem?

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Apparently there’s a plastic surgery procedure for nearly everything – the newest: Video Chatting. One plastic surgeron was inspired to invent this procedure when his wife got a new iPhone in 2011 and complained about the way she looked while chatting on it. Why? Read more.

PERMANENT MAKEUP FOLLOW UP – Learning From My Fellow Bloggers

Part of the beauty of social networking is learning from fellow readers, isn’t it! And learn I did when a gal by the name of Jasmine Aubert from the LinkedIn Skin Care ~ The Facts, Myths & Finds group responded to my article:  What’s That? No more eyebrow pencil, eye liners or lip liners!

She wanted to point out some of the problems with permanent makeup starting with the need to find a technician who is artistic enough to understand each individual’s facial bone and muscle structures to design appropriate lines to compliment that person’s facial structure.

Secondly she pointed out that tattoo pigments fade to a blueish tone over time and that reworking these lines might be a problem. This is because the lines can be enlarged, but  cannot be made smaller.

Thirdly, because over time aging skin tends to respond to forces of gravity, the placement of the permanent makeup might no longer be placed exactly where it belongs.

So perhaps pencils and liners won’t be disappearing any time soon, after all!

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When a group of women from Uganda recently embarked for India on a trip of a lifetime, little did their friends and families know that a secret surgical experience was on their itinerary.

The three east African mothers departed Uganda together – Destination: New Delhi, India; Secret mission: “mommy makeovers”.

They hoped these elective cosmetic procedures would enable them to return to their husbands looking trimmer, healthier and sexier. They wanted their tummies tucked and breasts firmed up so they could again wear swimsuits with confidence. They also wanted to heighten their experiences during those intimate moments they shared with their husbands.

Although they described their trip to India as: “a girls-only fun trip”, I continue to have real concerns and reservations about medical tourism.

For one thing, it is more difficult to check the credentials of the surgeon in foreign countries as each country has its own set of certification standards, some far more lax than others. I wrote an article several years back vicing my concerns. It’ an oldie, but till a goodie. Read it now.

The big advantage of course is money. You can save a bundle of it by going abroad! So if you decide to go ahead with your surgery outside of the USA, Here are a few things you need to look into in advance:

Check the certification standards of the country as well as the training and experience of the surgeon. Know that accreditation and other measures of quality vary widely across the globe.

Ask about the facility where your surgery is to take place and the quality of the follow-up care you will receive. What are the standards for certification of the facility? Who will be monitoring your follow-up care, where and for how long?

Finally, look into the malpractice laws of that country. Many of the countries that provide medical tourism have weak malpractice laws, so the patient has minimal recourse to local courts or medical boards if something were to go wrong.

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Why We Need to Care


I am a very careful shopper – some might even call me over-the-edge frugal. I’m thrilled when I find a bargain at Marshall’s, rarely enter Macy’s without coupons in hand, make frequent trips to Costco to stock up on staples . . You get the picture. Yet I am one of the fortunate ones and do not take my circumstances foregranted, because I don’t have to live that lifestyle – it is a choice, not something imposed by circumstance.


Some time ago I posted an article on Vibrant Nation  about the significance of Shoppping USA. I realize full well that some will shop by price alone no matter what – and some truly need to do so. But for those of us who can become a bit more conscious of where things are made and SHOP USA even when the price is a trifle more, here is something worth considering. It’s called balance of trade.

Not only would we be helping to increased the local job force, but perhaps of more significance, we would be helping to increase the value of our dollar. IHere is a simple analogy of how balance of trade works. “You go into Macy’s and make a purchase using either your credit card or cash. You become a bit poorer as you enrich Macy’s coffers.” It works the same when we purchase those “Made in China” or “Made in Mexicao” products.

Just one thought on how we can help create a more beautiful life for our country. 

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