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Give your Hands a Lift

The dead give away – A person with a young face, but veiny, wrinkled or spotted hands. 

 As we age, the fatty layer of our hands gradually diminishes. As a result, the skin becomes more translucent and wrinkled, and underlying structures as bones and veins become more apparent. As if this weren’t enough punishment, since hands are constantly exposed to the sun, brown spots often appear.

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An aging appearance is no longer measured just by crow’s feet and saggy jowls, but also by the appearance of the upper surface of one’s hands. Whereas a myriad of both surgical and non-surgical treatments are available and commonplace today to rejuvenate aging facial and body features, what solution does science offer us for aging hands?

Have you noticed how Madonna tends to camouflage her hands, by wearing fingerless gloves during many of her performances?

But what about hand lifts? Is science working on a solution for aging hands? One viable solution is dermal fillers – a 5-to-10-minute procedure where the surgeon injects synthetic fillers like Radiesse, Juvederm or Perlane or the patient’s own fat under the first layer of skin to plump it up. (Costs about $1,200). A second solution, is energy driven devices as intense pulsed light, Fraxel or CO2 laser resurfacing treatments (about $1,500) to remove sun spots and tighten the skin , or a combination of fillers and lasers. The effects of these treatments typically last about a year.

Is the surgical removal of excess skin a viable option? Probably not because it’s likely to causes obvious scarring. Furthermore there’s also a greater risk of complications as hands do not heal well. It would be quite a trick on nature to be left with beautiful, young looking hands that don’t function well. But since advances in cosmetic surgery are driven by demand, who knows what the future might bring! I’ve learned to never say “Never”!Beauty Within

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