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What I Learned from The DUCHESS of DERMIS – LATISSE TIPS

Attention Latisse Users ~ Tips Worth Noting

Who is this Duchess of Dermis? You will hear me speak of her often. Simply told, she is a  skin expert  par excellance. My ear is constantly tuned to her sage advice!  I will share whatever I learn from her on this FabulousBeautyBlog.

What are her tips for Latisse Users?

Apply Latisse with a fine tip eyeliner brush instead of the thicker brush that comes with the product.Fine Tip Applicator

Latisse Applicator

Four Good Reasons Why

Thicker brushes tend to apply more product than necessary.

Less is more. An overapplication of Latisse can result in some of the product getting into your eyes.

Better application control keeps the product where it belongs, on the base of your eyelid, eliminating the concern about changing blue eyes to brown.

By avoiding waste, your product will last longer.For the budget minded, ask your doctor to write a three month script rather than refilling monthly.

Cautions on Cleaning and Caring for Your Applicator

Don’t  soak the brush –  just do a quick dip in hydrogen peroxide and then run your brush under cold water.  Do Not leave the tip face down in any container as it will bend the bristles making the brush useless. I would not even clean it every time,  just once in a while and use it only on your eyes. No sharing with friends on this one, not even just to  show them.

An Alternate View

To compare the Duchess’  directions for applying Latisse with the traditional  application recommendations, watch this video. Then you tell me: Which directions make more sense to you?

Here’s to beautiful eyes!

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