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WHO SHOULD GET CREDIT FOR HER DYNAMITE LOOKS: Mother Nature or her Plastic Surgeon?

Who should get credit for her dynamite looks: Mother Nature or her plastic surgeon?

Should beauty pageant contestants be allowed to enhance their good looks through plastic surgery?  When it comes to beauty competitions, contestants are not asked to reveal any surgeries they have undergone to improve their good looks. Are they cheating the public by doing so?

In sports competitions, artificial enhancement to boost one’s chances of winning is forbidden. Some feel that beauty contestants should be held to the same standards, claiming that otherwise we are witnessing the doping of the pageant industry. Others think cosmetic surgery is hardly cheating because everyone is allowed to go under the knife, which puts all contestants on a level playing field.

It makes me wonder . . . , If we deny contestants surgical enhancements, where do we draw the line? Should they be denied the use of make-up, hair style enhancements, diet supplements? Since  the business of beauty pageants is to look and fit a stereotype of beauty, perhaps anything that helps a contestant win this competition should be allowed. What do you think?

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