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The results of a 6 week test on boob job creams were just published in Cosmetic Surgery Guru, showing pretty mixed reviews on their effectiveness.

The site ran the test over a six-week period, with a selection of female volunteers asked to try out two of the leading brands out there and report back regularly on their experiences.

The most expensive cream on the market was the one that seemed to garner the most negative response, with no-one reporting any discernible difference in breast size. The luxurious, moisturising qualities of the cream appeared to be a positive, but one of the volunteers stated: “not worth the money for what is more or less a posh moisturizer”.

While the “soft scent of rose, orange and grapefruit oil” was appreciated by some, others felt that after a while, applying the cream became something of an inconvenience –  especially since they saw no discernible difference.

There was a much more positive response for the second cream tested. One woman praised the sweet smell and some saw their breasts change by the half-way mark. “I do think my breasts feel fuller and tighter. My breasts also look a bit rounder and more appealing in my bra.”, said one.

Others said they felt their chest was “slightly firmer” and another comment was “my bra is fitting much tighter and in certain tops I can see a real difference.” In addition, praise was given to the cream for making the women more aware of their cup size, with one woman saying “I’d certainly be likely to notice changes.”

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