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We’ve all seen it before, a young face, with old looking hands – the dead give away to a person’s age. The tell tale signs: wrinkled skin, brown spots, protruding veins, tendons and bones . . . An aging appearance is no longer measured just by facial lines and furrows, sagging jowls or waddle necks. As the public becomes more tuned to aesthetics, the appearance of the upper surface of one’s hands increasingly comes into play.

Why the Years Are Unkind to Our Hands

As we age, the fatty layer of our hands gradually thins. Our hands lose volume, fat and elasticity. As a result, the skin becomes more translucent and wrinkled, causing underlying structures as bones and veins to become more apparent. The elements of sun, wind and rain also are unkind to our hands. Hands constantly exposed to the sun develop brown spots. The drying effects of the elements cause further skin wrinkles.

 What’s a Person to Do?

Many surgical and non-surgical treatments are available to rejuvenate both facial and body features. What solutions can science offer us for aging hands? Let’s start with the basics.

Protect your hands from the elements by wearing gloves during times of inclement weather.

Apply sunscreen, ideally SPF 50,  to your hands several times during the day. Remember, each time you wash your hand, you are also washing away the protective sunscreen. So carry a small size sunscreen in your purse and reapply it often.

Moisturize your hands as well as your face with a good quality moisturizer.

Get rid of age spots:

Prescriptive strength hydroquinone or Retin-A help erase signs of hyperpigmentation. If these products don’t do the trick, lasers would be the next step up in treatments.

Get rid of the translucent, shriveled appearance of the skin on the top of your hands:

Dermal fillers  – synthetic ones such as Radiesse, Juvederm or Perlane or non-synthetic ones and non-synthetic ones as the patient’s own fat – are one viable solution. Injected under the first layer of the skin to plump it up in a 5-to-10-minute procedure, fillers work very well, but must be repeated as their effects diminish over time. A second solution is energy driven devices as intense pulsed light, Fraxel or CO2 laser resurfacing.

What about surgical hand lifts?

Can excess skin be surgically removed? Not anytime soon. For one thing, hand surgery is likely to causes obvious scarring. Secondly, hands pose a greater risk of complications. And beautiful hands would be a poor trade off for hands that don’t function as they should. In an earlier article I wrote about Madonna’s Eyes – how young and beautiful they appear.  But have you noticed that she often wears fingerless gloves during her performances – most likely to hide her less-than-young-looking hands?

Can’t science do something more for aging hands? Not at the moment, but never say “Never”.  Advances in cosmetic surgery are driven by demand, and hand rejuvenation is a hot new topic.

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After receiving several questions about costs involved in Madonna Lift laser CO2 Fractional laser treatments, I asked Michelle Martel, The Duchess of Dermis to weigh in on this topic. She tells me she has been dedicating much of her time to researching the fair market value of these services so that patients get quality treatments and doctors don’t have laser equipment sitting around unused, collecting dust. They are beginning to take note and listen.

I have done the pricing on the C02 all over the country and here are your averages: I have also included the fair price for both doctor and patient based on the cost of the laser, return on investment and if they are doing a good amount of treatments.

Eyes only Madonna Lift…800-1,000 per treatment min 3 treatments

(500-600 would be great price for patient and Doc)

Face only…2,500-6,000      

Average price is 3,000

Excellent price for service would be 1,800.00 –

(2,500 is good for patient and Doc.)

If done correctly only one treatment a year is needed.

Neck only…800-1,000 per treatment and usually 3 treatments are needed.

Excellent results noticeable after the 2nd treatment.

(600 per treatment is good for patient and doctor)

If the technician uses low settings, then the price should be lower because the patient will need 2 to 3 treatments instead of one. 

Thank you, Michelle for opening our eyes (literally and figuratively)!

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The Madonna Lift seems to be all the rage these days – no surgery required. How does this ageless pop star manage to maintain such a wide-eyed youthful look without a surgical eyelift (bletharoplasty)? Enter the CO2 Fractional laser.

Fractional lasers have been on the market for several years, but the technology seems to keep improving. To understand how fractional lasers work and how they differ from the ablative field lasers that treat the entire skin surface, you might want to read my in depth articles: A New Breed of Lasers – Part 1 and A New Breed of Lasers -Part 2.

But let’s now take a look at what the CO2 has done for Madonna’s eyes – and can possibly do for yours as well. You don’t see dark rings under this ageless beauty’s eyes. Nor do you see drooping eyebrows or wrinkled, loose skin on her upper and lower eyelids. The new Madonna Lift promises many of the benefits of a surgical eyelift (aka a bletharoplasty), without the same down time or risks. It requires no anesthesia, simply the application of a numbing cream several minutes before the treatment begins. But for bulging fat pads, a minor surgical procedure is probably your best bet.

 On average three sessions are required to get the desired result, but these are only averages. Factors such as the condition of the patient’s skin, how much “lifting” is desired, the amount of post treatment downtime the patient is willing to sustain and of course, the skill, preferred protocol and experience of the professional administering the laser.  Follow up treatments are normally spaced about a month apart.

Who administers these laser treatments? Normally a plastic surgeon or head and neck specialist (otolaryngologist). A few highly skilled estheticians have mastered these techniques as well, but tread cautiously. It takes quality training, lots of experience and good technique to develop the skills to do the job right.

Michelle Martel, a brilliant esthetician known as The Duchess of Dermis, wrote a excellent chapter in Tick Tock Stop the Clock ~ Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour titled: “It Takes Experience and Technique”.  No matter what type professional you select for your laser treatments, these are the key criteria you need to research for successful results.

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