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Did you know that if you’re not flossing every day, you’re leaving 40 percent of your teeth surfaces coated with gummy bacteria, which in turn causes yellow  staining around your teeth as well as gum inflammation and bleeding. And if this cycle continues, it can lead to gum recession and bone loss.

But I never put it all together until working with Marty Zase, who wrote a chapter for my second book which he titled: The Magic Behind Your Smile. His sub-topic of Cosmetic Dentistry and Sexuality wasn’t lost on me. He shared case studies of intimate ways Cosmetic Dentistry had impacted some of his patients’ lives. How wonderful is that! Did you ever think about flossing for better sex?

Here’s another benefit of flossing. It’s an excellent way to reduce or prevent bad breath, because flossing removes the accumulations of food and bacteria that would otherwise leave “leftovers” stuck between your teeth, incubating in a 98.6 degree oven. And in case you haven’t noticed, bad breath is definitely not a turn on to good sex. If you are more into beauty than sex, here’s another incentive. In a recent study reported in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, researchers found that bone loss in the jaw, as well as the eye sockets and cheeks, aged people in ways that cosmetic procedures like facelifts (to tighten the skin) and dermal fillers (to plump it), can’t fix. Why? When gum disease begins to eat away at the bone, there are changes in facial appearance such as caving in of the lips and cheeks and wrinkles around the mouth and jaws. So if you’re turned on by learning another solid anti-aging technique, you might want to add flossing to your list!

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He can also  teach you a thing or two about many cosmetic dentistry procedures  (i.e. teeth bleaching, porcelain veneers, gum and lip surgery, composite fillings, bonding, and reshaping of teeth). So if you’re looking for cutting edge info on any of those topics,  click here , find your topic of particular interest, and select it to read an easy-to-understand mini article that relates to your interest.

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