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19 Best Hair Care Secrets


As soon as summer arrives, with its high humidity here on Long Island, my hair fights back with more than its natural curl. Shall I be honest and say the dreaded word? Okay, here it is – frizz.

All summer  I have been going to the Local Access Cable TV studio to do live shootings of intros for my Tales2Inspire™ authors’ inspiring stories. This is a good thing, except that unfortunately for me and my hair, these shootings are scheduled for Tuesday mornings. Now, here’s the rub! My hair salon is closed on Sundays and Mondays and doesn’t open again until 9:00 AM on Tuesdays. I’m already on the road by 9:00 AM. This means that the best I can do for my hair is get it washed and blow dried – flat ironed with lots of products and spray – late Saturday afternoon. In the winter, my hair would still look pretty decent three days later. But in the summer, it’s a disaster waiting to happen! And to be quite honest, I was a bit appalled by my fly-away topsy hair on some of those videos!

Yes, I tried Keratin once, but for reasons I won’t go into now, decided it wasn’t for me. I’ve begun to read about amino acid hair straightening products and will investigate that further. In the meantime, I love to learn from the experts, and often find Web MD a great source of information. Here is a slideshow quiz they have put together not just for those with frizzy hair, but to address many hair problems and solutions. Take the quiz here. One additional tip I can add to their quiz is the use of a ceramic hair brush. I recently bought one (after watching the video runs) and see a noticeable difference.


But nonetheless,  I’m so proud of my authors that if you promise not to make fun of my hair, you can watch their video introductions to their winning stories: The Man From Nowhere by  Cami Ann Hofstadter and Garden of Miracles by Heidi DuPree.  Look for their story titles on the Winning Tales channel.

And if you enjoy them, please leave a quick comment to let them know!