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RAPPER KANYE WEST BEGS: “Please, no more cosmetic surgery for my loved ones”

Rap star Kanye West is pleading with Kris Jenner, the mother of his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, to stop having plastic surgery because he’s afraid she’ll suffer the same fate as his own mother.

Kris, Kim and Kanye

Donda West tragically died at the age of 58 in November 2007 – one day after undergoing a tummy tuck, breast reduction and liposuction, a loss that crushed Kanye. She wasn’t just his mom but his manager as well – an uncanny parallel to Kris’ relationship with Kim as both her mom and manager.

Kanye and His Late Mom, Donda

Kanye’s gotten very close to Kris. Apparently Kris has become like a second mom to Kanye, and he says he couldn’t bear losing another person in his life to plastic surgery.

Shortly after her death, I had written an article Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – How to Avoid It, detailing this very tragic death. Donda made some poor choices for herself, including her choice of surgeon. If you are even remotely considering plastic surgery or are just curious to learn more details about her surgery, you should read my in depth article about this tragedy. Although not every death is avoidable, with due diligence I am convinced this one could have been.

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