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BEAUTY RESTORED – Free for Victims of Abuse

Face Forward is an organization that provides free facial reconstructive surgery services for women and children victimized by domestic violence or gangs. Deborah Alessi is one of the driving forces behind this organization, along with her plastic surgeon husband, Dr. David Alessi. Face Forward has helped dozens of patients in need of what often requires multiple surgeries to restore their appearance as closely as possible to what it was prior to the abuse.


Deborah Alessi understands the pain and fear of domestic violence only too well. When a loving former boyfriend struck her and threw her down the stairs, she knew it was time to move on, and eventually channeled her fear into something positive.

To be assured their services only go to those legitimately in need, the Alessis have set up rules. Face Forward requires documentation of the abuse, including police reports and hospital records.

What’s more, Face Forward requires that the patients not only get out of their abusive relationships, but also commit to psychological therapy.

There’s no point in fixing somebody’s face and having them go back the next week to the bruiser, says Alessi.

Finally, the patient must give back in the form of volunteer work to help other abuse victims or women trapped in violent lives.

You might say that the Alessis of this world are dedicated to beautification of both body and spirit.

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