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Most of us avoid basking in the sun these days, the culprit of both deadly melanoma skin cancer, as well as aging skin (premature lines, wrinkles and brown spots). Without regular sun exposure,  many of us become vitamin D deficient. 

The quick fix for this: Vitamin D supplements.

Others are simply  sun worshippers seduced by tanning beds, thinking they are a quick fix to a dazzling golden tan without the dangers wrought by direct sunlight exposure. But beware. Know the facts. The UV bulbs used in tanning salons are almost all UVA, which make no Vitamin D. You need UVB light to make Vitamin D, but tanning salons don’t use them because besides making Vitamin D, they cause sun burns. Furthermore, regular use of tanning beds makes you as prone to all the types of skin damage as from direct sunlight.

Maybe we should just settle for bronze glow makeup.

Or for those committed to a more lasting effect, Airbrush Sunless Tanning could be a good  alternative .

These are safe choices. Either way, your body might need those Vitamin D supplements. Check with your physician.

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