Noted dermatologist, Dr. Neil Schultz, recently described various treatments for raised scars. In addition to injections of cortisone and laser, he talked about recent studies showing positive results from cryotherapy, the use of a very cold probe  applied to the lesion. Other treatments include the application of  silicone sheets, and in very difficult cases, excision and treatment with radiation. But his most recent discovery is one he learned from one of his patients – the application of iodine on tough hypertrophic scars. After six failed months of using conventional cortisone injections and laser treatments, he tried the iodine treatment and it worked. 

As Dr. Schultz says,  I love it when I learn from you!

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Lois W. Stern



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    • Hi Dr. Hashem,
      Thank for your interest. Actually, I was reporting on a treatment noted by Dr. Neil Schultz, a well respected dermatologist. I am a journalist and author, not an MD. I just thought it was a most interesting observation and thought I would pass it along.

  2. actually it is great to get good response for iodin but i do not know how did you such result and how can iodin treats raised scars
    thank you

    • Pamela, please note that I did not use this treatment, it is one that a well known dermatologist learned from one of his patients. Just know that each patient’s skin responds differently, so there are no hard and fast rules. Start with once per day and see how it works for you. You can gradually increase to twice a day if you feel your skin will tolerate it. It also depends on where the scar is situated.After all, you don’t want to be walking around with iodine streak on your cheeks, but on a leg it wouldn’t be so bad.

      Good luck,

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