Board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Barry Friedberg and I have become well acquainted by now. I have been impressed with his innovations to his field, including a brain monitor device that monitors anesthesia levels for each individual to just the right degree. This is a potentially life saving feature – an important feature for those undergoing any surgery – cosmetic or not. 

Click here to watch this video.

It might save your life or that of someone you hold near and dear.


I have written about this before and in more detail.

Click here for more.

Have a beautiful life!

Lois W. Stern


  1. Great article and to expand on the subject of anesthesia during cosmetic surgery, I have reviewed my cosmetic surgery cases in an attempt to reduce the level of discomfort throughout the peri-operative phase. I specifically focused on breast augmentation, which I consider to be one of the most painful procedures but now I have broadened my approach to include all of my surgical procedures. You might find my results interesting. J.Rucker M.D.

  2. Hi Dr. Rucker and thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment. I know how busy you must be, so your comments are most appreciated. It sounds like you have quite a handle on reducing pain after breast augmentation. Several women have talked to me about the severe constipation they experienced from taking pain meds. Have you heard this as well? One woman told me “it was worse than childbirth”. Have you heard this as well?

  3. Anesthesia level monitoring device is really a helpful tool in surgery. Doctors need all the help they need especially in surgery. When my father was operated for head surgery twice in just a month, I really had lots of worries. Since he wasn’t able to ingest food in his mouth, he lost weight drastically and the effects of anesthesia could really damage his mind forever if something went wrong. It doesn’t only provide the best assistance to the doctor but helps in easing the worries of the patient’s family too.

    • Hi Ashley,

      I know how traumatic it is for all – both patient and close family members – when a loved one is undergoing surgery. You are so right, using the brain monitor during surgery certainly can remove one level of stress for patient and surrounding loved ones. I hope your father is doing well.

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