Thought you might be interested in the latest statisitic from the ASPS (American Society for Plastic Surgeons). So here goes!

The Top Five Cosmetic Surgical Procedures Performed in the USA in 2010

Breast Augmentation – 296,000; Nose Reshaping – 252,000; Eyelid Surgery -209,000; Liposuction – 203,000; Tummy Tuck – 116,000

Now  for the Top Five Minimally Invasive Procedures in 2010

(Don’t let this next image scare you! I posted it just for fun.)

Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) – 5.4 million; Soft Tissue Fillers – 1.8 million; Chemical Peel – 1.1 million; Laser Hair Removal- 938,000; Microdermabrasion – 825,000

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